An Ideal Camping at Rocky Point

Rocky Point is synonymous with activities like sunbathing, swimming, boating, fishing, skiing, and other water adventures that you and I are familiar. But did it ever come to you that Rocky Point is also an ideal place for vacation? Well, if you haven’t heard or done it yet, then, camping in Rocky Point can be a nice escapade for your vacation.

There are a lot of RV sites in Rocky Point where you can camp anytime of the year. RV sites offer amenities to vacationers who bring their cars and vans with them. They have showers and comfort rooms, stores for your needs, and other amenities to sooth your needs.

Indeed, camping in Rocky Point can be a very exciting thing to do. So as you plan to camp there, see to it that you bring your needs as you have your vacation in Rocky Point.

Come to Playa Bonita for your next spring break

Tired of staying at the same, old hotel room? Want to take a rest and enjoy a more meaningful vacation? Well, all you need to a week or two in Rocky Point so you can truly take a rest all the while relaxing and enjoying activities that will surely fit your heart and soul. Indeed, with Rocky Point, you can get to stay at the best accommodation – the Playa Bonita rentals.

Playa Bonita rentals
The Playa Bonita is a 128 room, resort hotel situated in Rocky Point’s Sandy Beach Area. It is one of the signature hotels in Rocky Point. When you speak the name of Playa Bonita, guests will surely recall that it is in Rocky Point. Each well appointed and maintained room has a view of the Sea of Cortez. And when you are standing in the balconies of these room, you will feel like you are also in the beach.

Each room has either a single or double bed. All had air condition and heating facilities, and a satellite TV. The standard room on the other hand has 2 bedrooms with a bathroom each and a kitchenette where you can cook.

So if you are still looking for the right place to spend your vacation, Playa Bonita spring break is the right one for you. See to it that can have your vacation in this wondrous place.

Affordable Rentals at Port Aransas

Have you ever wanted to have an affordable vacation with your family and friends but couldn’t find one? Now you can and that is through the efforts of Port Aransas Rentals and Port Aransas Texas Rentals certified to provide you and your family and friends quality and memorable time in spendPort Aransas Texas Rentalsing your vacation. At Port Aransas Rentals you and your family can choose among various hotels and suites which are certain to be affordable and fit your family and friends. Port Aransas is a very wide area and families will really enjoy seeing the scenic places and do outdoor activities with their friends. Port Aransas is also 30 minutes away from Corpus Christi which is a famous site known for its beaches and scenic places. And you can even enjoy fishing and other outdoor activities especially when you are at South Texas via the Port Aransas Texas Rentals. Port Aransas Rentals and Port Aransas Texas Rentals are also accessible via online so everyone can inquire on various offers regarding Port Aransas just by logging in at their site at You and your family and friends will surely have the best time when you stay at the hotels and condos at Port Aransas affordable prices.

Have a Break at Rocky Point’s Marina Pinacate

Marina Pinacate Rocky PointThere is a lot of excitement that you will find while you are in Rocky Point. And for this, Rocky Point continues to ooze with a lot of people that really make the place every tourist’s hotspot during their spring and summer break.

Marina PinacateMarina Pinacate is one of the best places to escape and go to if you want to have a break in Rocky Point. Indeed, this hotel by the Sandy Beach imbues the long-standing tradition as being one of the favorite destinations of tourists who visit to Rocky Point. With the hotel’s unparalleled services and formidable guests, the Pinacate enjoys a number of repeat guests every year whenever vacation season comes. The hotel staff just can’t help but accommodate the people who come back again and again.

Marina Pinacate Rocky Point always sees to it that they have people ready to render service to the needs of their guests. The reservation team is always attentive to the needs and demands of their guests and they are very willing to help those customers who make reservations. You may make reservations with the Pinacate by either calling them or by making reservations online – either way, the staff are more than willing to assist them.

Marina Pinacate Puerto Penasco makes sure that you will be enchanted with the place during your stay there. Combining new world amenities with old world charm, Pinacate offers a lot of activities that you will surely want to get engaged. Shopping of authentic Mexican craft is one of the favorites of the guests. They also love to swim, boat, and fish around for excitement.
Indeed, for your next trip, indulge yourself by staying at the Marina Pinacate. You’ll surely love the time that you will have there.

The Best Vacations in Rocky Point

Casa Blanca ResortSpending a week or two and having a break will really do you good. Indeed, choosing Rocky Point as the next stop for your vacation can do a lot for you to regain your lost strength and fully charge you with energy. Here, you can really inhale the fresh breeze coming from the Sea of Cortez and best of all, relax and enjoy the best that life can bring.

One of the newest resorts that’s on the rise in Rocky Point the Casa Blanca Resort. The place is still on the way in its construction. Some of them are already finished while the back buildings are on their way to construction.

The main aim for the Casa Blanca Rocky Point is to be the finest place for golfing and relaxation. The resort hotel is located at the infamous Sandy Beach area where a lot of first class hotels are being place. Indeed, once the place is done construction and opened to the public, it will surely rival other established hotels in the place.

Set amidst 15 acres of lush greenery, the Casa Blanca Puerto Penasco is really the ideal spot where you can spend your honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, family gatherings, and other events that you don’t want to miss in your life.

The place is an ideal desert oasis and they have the amenities that all the guests will surely love. The condo units are really great and each unit has their imposing view of the Sea of Cortez, all at your eye’s disposal.

So if you want to experience the finest living to the fullest, head to Casa Blanca Resort. Enjoy playing the golf, enjoy the life, and best of all, enjoy your stay in this wonderful home away from home.

How to Enjoy a Vacation

Traveling with your best pal? How about with your family? Or alone? Well, you don’t have to worry for a moment for here are some of the best tips that can be of great help for you to have the best Las Palomas Rocky Point vacation.

If you are traveling with your best pal...
Las Palomas Resort
Take some road adventure. All you have to do is have a map and set some radio guidelines before you go the road.

If you are a girl and you spend your time with your best pal, check some of the best spas around. You may want to enjoy the rest of the weekend getting some massage, pedi, and mani.

Play some board games. You may choose to spend a vacation inside log cabin in the woods, a cottage by the beach, or even spend time with your best pal in your home.

Go Las Palomas Puerto Penasco! Grab your map and see Mexico’s most enchanting beach.
If you are travelling solo…

You may want to enjoy some solitary retreat inside a log cabin on the woods or renting a room or a beach house at the Las Palomas Resort. Take some of your best books, your journal and don’t bring your phone!

You wanna go somewhere else? Well, book a tour guide and enjoy the sites and sounds that you want to enjoy. Better yet, approach a travel agency and let them plan for your dream trip abroad. And while you’re at it, don’t miss the must-sees in those places – be it the museums, shopping centers, or other landmark spots.

If you are traveling with your kids…
Zoos and camping sites are the best places to go. See to it that you bring enough goods to supply their needs. Have a lazy weekend with them and fill their moments up with activities that they will surely enjoy.

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Why Puerto Penasco is a popular favorite?

Puerto Penasco is one of the top places where people like to spend their vacation. Be they students, expats, travelers, or businessmen, Rocky Point, the more Americanized name of the place, is indeed a beloved place Puerto Penasco Mexicowith these people. Surely, you’ll fall in love a lot more as you get to know the place more and more.

But why is Rocky Point a favorite place to so many people? The secret there is that Rocky Point is one the closest beach area Arizona, New Mexico, and part of California, that is why, you see a lot of Americans here, treading here and there, enjoying the sun, the sand, and the sky that only Rocky Point can offer.

Surely, when you decide to have a vacation in Rocky Point, you will really get to enjoy your stay here. Other than being an ideal place, it is a place where clichés meet and cultures introduce themselves to one another. Indeed, it is a place where friendships thrive and life and love is found and enjoyed.

So if you want to have the best in your life, see to it that you can have your next trip to Puerto Penasco Mexico so can really enjoy the best that life has to offer.

Enjoy the Best Camp of Your Life

For those who camp all their lives, well, congrats! For you always enjoy the best timRocky Point Camping RVe out and one of the most wonderful moments there is available for you. For those first time campers, well, good luck! Surely, you’ll get to enjoy the best moment of your life once you’re out there and sipping the fresh air from Mother Nature.

Before you go to your Rocky Point camping treat, here are some tips that first timers like you have to remember and always bear in mind:

  1. Pick the best camping location. There are a lot of places in Rocky Point where you can enjoy having a camp and they are scattered around the place so you can have a plenty of option to spend your time out.
  2. Bring a map. Bringing a map will help you familiarize the place. Don’t forget this pal before you head for a vacation.
  3. Make a list. List down all the items that are a must for your trip. Make sure that you include in your trip the necessary stuffs, like tent, food, flashlight, insect repellents, and sleeping gears.
  4. Decide sleeping arrangement of your trip. Decide if you want to camp on a tent, stay at the Rocky Point camping RV, or rent a cabin in the forest.
Indeed, there are a lot of ways that you can make your Rocky Point camping a very meaningful one. It all depends upon your choice, really!

Searching for the right Rocky Point Condos?

Rocky Point is no longer what it used to be. Once a sleepy seaside town, Rocky Point is not sleepy anymore. It already a place of fun and excitement as a lot of people come here to enjoy the waves and relax amidst the calming effects of Mother Nature.

A place as modern as Rocky Point does call for the right accommodation. Indeed, some people just can’t be enough having a break there. Instead, they want to have a place to call there own as they stay longer in Rocky Point. And for this, the Rocky Point condos will simply do fine for them.

Rocky Point condos MexicoLooking for the perfect condo unit is that easy. You have scout from one place to another just to see to it what you are really looking for. Thus, you have to list down your preferences and choice of accommodations to see to it that see and get what you want. But you don’t have to worry. For Rocky Point condos Mexico are sure to offer you the kind of home that you are looking for.

Acquiring a condo requires that you look for the perfect property that will fit all your specifications of an ideal home. Visit each condominium in the city and ask for a tour of the residential units they offer in the complex. While you’re at it, you might want to inquire about their facilities, amenities, and of course, the median price for one.

Due to the condo conversions in Miami Beach, Florida; most of the apartments in the city were converted into condominiums to address the high demand in the market. In fact, you might be shouldering your way through the crowd as you check a condo unit in the city, since there are quite a lot of home buyers wanting one for their own.

Puerto Penasco Hotel: Is it the right one?

A lot of people do cLas Palomas Resortsome to Puerto Penasco every year. And for this, the hotel and tourism industry is always the winner. There are some factors that guests who come to Puerto Penasco do look for. These are the pin-pointers that lead them to choose a certain accommodation over the other. It may be a simple B& B or a grand hotel facing the sea; but what matters is that the comfort that these people are looking for are being addressed.


Guests who flock to Puerto Penasco do like their accommodations to be situated near or facing the sea. Of course, no one wants that their Puerto Penasco hotels be situated atop the mountain or in the middle of the city. Likewise, a hotel is much preferred if it is within walking distance or accessible toe public transportation.


Rating depends upon the country that you are vacationing in. So don’t expect that a three-star hotel in Puerto Penasco to be the same as that in Beverly Hills. Besides, it’s your choice of where to stay. That is why, you have to do a lot of research with regards to your choice of accommodation.

Kind of Accommodation

The Puerto Penasco resorts come in many ways. There are large formal resort hotels while there are simply, rustic inns. There are also smaller hotels and bungalow or beach cottages for rent. Now, these accommodations vary because also of the varying tastes of guests. Thete are those who want to be pampered in luxury, thus, they choose to stay in a grand hotel. There are those on the other hand who want to feel like home, so, they want to choose to stay in a rustic retreat by the beach. It all simply depends on your taste and preference.


You will know what amenities hotels offer right in their website. So, take a look at their websites and pick the one closest your match.


Warm staff can make a guest’s stay more pleasant and memorable. Likewise, the hospitality and the way the staff treats their visitors are far more indelible in the mind than the comfort of the hotel.

The Puerto Penasco hotels all exhibit these features. That is why; a lot of people do like to come back again and again. These hotels are not just mere accommodation. They are the representation of the warmth and hospitality that you can only find while you are in Puerto Penasco.

Spring Break Extravaganza in Rocky Point

Spring break is here and there is no other way that you can enjoy this special moment than to spend it in a very special place like Rocky Point. There are in indeed a lot of things, sites, and sounds thPlaya Bonita Hotelat can truly make you enjoy and love your stay while you are in Rocky Point. Aside from that, a vacation for a week or two in Rocky Point can mean a lot of heal your body and make you feel a lot better.

So how do you exactly complete a dream come true vacation? How to you spend it and how do you make it a really worthwhile one. Now, here are some of the tips that you have to remember when you embark that dream trip of yours.

  1. Make your plans. No vacation will become successful unless you make your plan for it. Plan for where you will spend your vacation, plan for how long are you gonna be there. In short, put into planning every action that you will embark. Indeed, a well planned vacation can spell out nothing but a very meaningful and successful one.
  2. Know the place. There’s no better way to enjoy your vacation in Rocky Point than to know the place itself. So, keep that bag away and start knowing Rocky Point the soonest you get to the place. Walk on the beach, meet some people, and taste the delicacies and I promise you you’ll have the best of your time in Rocky Point.
  3. Hop to bars. Bar hopping is one of the ideal things to do in Rocky Point. It’s simply the hearth of the time where a lot of clichés thrive and converge. Bars in Rocky Point Mexico are not just a place where you can take a taste of the local wines, you can also meet a lot of people that you will surely love to meet and make friends with.
  4. Take one of the Beach rentals in Rocky Point. it’s nice to make yourself feel like you are home when you are in Rocky Point. And what better way to do it than to rent a beach rental. Be it a simple cottage, beach house, or a seaside retreat, feel free to take a taste and experience what it takes to live a life the Rocky Point way.
  5. Enjoy a camping. Another thing that guests like to do while they are in Rocky Point is to have camping in Rocky Point. It’s another thing that lures guests to go to this seaside retreat. And they surely love it, especially when they do it together with friends and loved ones.

Rocky Point Condo Rentals: Accommodations Redefined

Puerto Penasco, otherwise known as Rocky Point, has a plenty of excitement and amenities to offer this summer. Aside from the warm weather and the ever clear sky, you’ll surely get to fall in love with its virgin beach and the warm hospitality afforded to you by the Mexicans. Plus, let you mouth also water and savor the exotic Mexican cuisine – all of these yours when you are in Rocky Point

Puerto Penasco CondosBut there are people who simply can’t help it but choose Rocky Point as its second home. For this, they tend to buy or rent to have their own place where they can stay as much as they want. As apartments are no longer that famous, a lot of high-rise Puero Penasco condo rentals are making its way up to the sky. These are perfect accommodations that will surely give you the home that you long for.

Most Rocky Point condos can be see near the beach, thus, you don’t have to worry. If you are a beach lover, the sea is not that far from your reach. And, what’s even better is that you can enjoy it all the time of the day.

So if you are looking for a perfect condo unit in Puerto Penasco, you have plenty of choices right at your disposal. It is therefore best to take time in looking at the condo units before choosing the right one for you. I know that you have your own criteria or preference. Better list these down and take not of them as you go hunting for your perfect dream condo unit.

Authentic Mexican Culture from Mayan Palace Rocky Point

Anyone who end his vacation in Rocky Point, especially those who stayed in Mayan Palace Rocky Point cannot help but be awed by how by this splendid accommodation. The dozens of rooms in the Mayan Palace is enough to offer the comfort that most people want to have while they are on vacation.

Mayan Palace Puerto PenascoA quaint Mayan Palace bedroom suite is usually stuffed with a double, queen-sized, or king-sized and bathroom. Likewise, there is a living room and kitchen with a kitchen table and a refrigerator. Primarily, the suites are occupied by vacationing family members, thus, it is only common that you can also find a small microwave over and a two burner stove there. Pus, there is also a maid service who comes in regularly to check for your needs.

The bathroom is likewise rich in toiletries and towels, as it is also decidedly clean. The mattresses are very comfortable and firm and a lot of guests often complemented for it.
But the best asset of the Mayan Palace Puerto Penasco is its proximity to the sea. But if you simply want to sit back and relax in your suite, the balcony may be enough for you. Indeed, it can offer you the best views of Sandy Beach and the fronting Sea of Cortez.
So what more can you look for? The Mayan Palace has all the amenities that can surely complete your Rocky Point vacation!

How to pick the right Rocky Point Condos

Considered as a one of the top tourist attractions in Mexico, Rocky Point condos Mexico is one of the ideal places to invest and at the same time to live in if you really want to enjoy the ideal life that only Rocky Point can offer.

The sights and sounds in Rocky Point are far from the usual. Here, the beach is everything and everyone loves to go to the beach. There is no wonder that a lot of people choose to live in the beachfront. The modern lifestyle of Rocky Point only calls for a modern home that is the Rocky Point condos.

Acquiring a condo unit takes a lot of planning and researching, though. But then, after all these sacrifices, you will surely find the right property that meets all your expectations. Take a look at the available Rocky Point condos or ask for a tour in these units. Likewise, you may also want to ask to the facilities, amenities, and the cost of acquiring the unit.

Condo units today are really a big in demand, especially in the seaside places like Rocky Point. That is why, it is a not big surprise that a lot of apartments were already converted into luxurious, high rise condominiums. So if you want to get the best ones, see to it that you check the units now for you might stumble with other couples themselves looking for their own place to call home.

Camping in Rocky Point, anyone?

Yes. I know you love to surf the Rocky Point’s beach. I know you like to sleep in their world-renowned accommodations. And yes. I know you want to take that gastronomic adventure. But did it ever come to your mind to having camping in Rocky Point? New idea. Right?
Though cheap Rocky Point Mexico condo rates continue to lure guests to rent or buy condo units or rent hotel rooms, there are still those who want to feel Mother Nature right before them. And the solution? Take that bag out of their room, build their tent, and make that warm bonfire.

Backpackers and group travelers really love to do camping, especially in front of the beach. What’s nice about doing this is that is free! Plus, you can have the most exciting adventures ever that you can have while you are in Rocky Point. And, what’s even best is that you can have the waves all the time of the day!

Surely, no other place can offer the fun and the air of excitement that only Rocky Point can offer. That is why more and more people do love to go to Rocky Point. The hotels, the people, the food, and place as a whole make the place an alluring place to stay to have a great time.

Hotels like no Other

What comes into your mind when you have your vacation? Of course, that is to rest and to take a break from the usual routine that we do. Looking for the right place to stay is as tough as looking for the accommodation to sleep your night out. A lot of people are enthralled with the Rocky Point, also known as Puerto Peñasco, that is why they do come here again and again.

There are a lot of hotels in Rocky Point. But then, only a selected few are the ones that are worthy of being stayed at. Thus, if you plan to have a vacation or to spend sometime in Rocky Point, it is a nice move to consider your hotel right before you make your call and confirm your reservation.

A hotel is your home away from home. Thus, you have to see to it that you select the right hotel. In this way, you can be assured that your trip will end up enjoyable and more meaningful. Make sure that the hotel is indeed clean, safe, and the staff are hospitable and friendly and that they will make you feel like you are truly home.

Puerto Peñasco hotels can serve as your home away from home. Accommodations here are known for their extreme warmth and dedication to their customers as they are also very friendly and very caring to their needs. Another thing is that Puerto Peñasco resorts are very quaint and each room imbues a homey atmosphere, thus, offering the guests the right accommodation that they really want to.

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How to enjoy your vacation in Rocky Point

Rocky Point. Oh, the sand, the beach, and the sky. Those are the three things that make Rocky Point a favorite among many Americans. Indeed, the place is already a name when it comes to looking for perfect, quiet and serene getaway. So how do you actually your stay in Rocky Point? Here are some pointers that you may want to follow:
  1. Know the people. Get some local friends who can tour you around and make your stay a more meaningful one.
  2. Taste the Food. There’s no other way to let the Mexican culture get into your soul that tasting the mouthwatering and enticing Mexican gourmets. Try a bit of their enchiladas, or quench your thirst with a glass of aguas frescas. Then, you’ll surely know that Rocky Point is as delicious as it can be.
  3. Hire a cottage by the beach. Rocky Point is synonymous with beach life. And surely, having a home beside the beach will define the vacation ala-Rocky Point. There are a lot of beach rentals in Rocky Point so you have your choice. Just a friendly, this time of the year, Rocky Point is bustling with tourists, so it’s better to have a reservation with this accommodation ready for you.
  4. Hop the bars. Bars in Rocky Point Mexico is known for their tequilas and local beers. Don’t miss hanging out in this bar and you’ll surely get to enjoy it. Then, you can say to yourself that you have the best vacation ever!

Vacations in Rocky Point

Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009

Summertime is already here. When this time of the year comes, it only means one thing. And that is to enjoy having a break. The Mexican Riviera, Acapulco, or the East Coast are some of the leading choices that people choose to go when it comes to vacation. Okay. I am not against these places. But then, these vacation spots are already crowded with people and they are too urbanized to offer the serenity and the calmness that you long for.

Now, enter Rocky Point and surely, you’ll think what and where this place is. The place sounds new right? But actually, it is not. Rocky Point is a quiet seaside retreat in Northwest Mexico. It is a favorite haven of students coming from Arizona and California for it is the nearest beach resort to these states.

For many years now, Rocky Point has been a favorite spot for most tourists and Mexicans alike. The beauty and the untouched shorelines of Rocky Point makes it a favorite getaway of those who seek for silence and tranquility – a feature that other places cannot do.

Accommodations in Rocky Point are not a problem. There are a lot of luxury condos Rocky Point where you can stay in, in case you choose to stay there for at least a few days to a couple of weeks. What’s even better is that these accommodations can offer you the breathtaking Sea of Cortez, all within your eye’s reach. So it is high advised that before you start your vacation, you have to make your reservations with the luxury condos Rocky Point Mexico. Truly, they can give you the best place to stay and the most unforgettable experience while you have your vacation